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Google AMP Implementation

AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a simple and robust format to ensure your website is fast, user-first, and makes money.

AMP enables the creation of websites and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms. Publishers and advertisers can decide how to present their content that emphasizes a user-first experience.

You can read “Understand how AMP looks in search results” guided by Google.

Of course, this site is made with AMP!
How about yours?

Improve your Google search results!


Ref: “Close to 25% of the top 10,000 web page run AMP” by BuiltWith

Google AMP Cache
Improve SEO Ranking
Load Near Instantly
High Conversion Rate
User-first Framework
More Clicks, Less Bounce Rate
Future Trend
Increase Core Business Metrics

Showcase – E-Commerce / B2B Inquiry

Wine Folly, KIWAMINO

Wine Folly – Mobile
Wine Folly – Desktop
KIWAMINO – Desktop

“Think Global, Act Local.”

Multi-regional / Multilingual Website

Each page to each page. Let your users switch to their target language anytime, anywhere!

A multilingual website is one of the most cost effective ways of marketing your company, capturing new users, building relationships with new clients and giving your brand an international outlook. For non-English speaking users looking for your product or service, you automatically capture their attention.

You can read “Managing multi-regional and multilingual sites” Guided by Google.

Designded Language Switchers
Linked Translations
Direct to The Right Language
Improve Global SEO
Full Control Over URLs & Traffics
Multilingual E-Commerce
Seamless Internal Website Structure
Hreflang Geo-location Support

Showcase – E-Commerce / B2B Inquiry

J & M Plus Furniture – Desktop & Mobile

Multi-lang, E-Commerce showcase – Desktop Full
Multi-lang, E-Commerce showcase – Mobile
Multi-lang, E-Commerce showcase – Home
Multi-lang, E-Commerce showcase – Single Product

Sell anything, anywhere. Make deals with humanity.

E-Commerce / B2B Inquiry Website

Our team of experienced developers is highly motivated to create the best online store for you in a short period of time. You will get not only custom-made pages but also integrated Google Analytics tools and top-notch SEO optimized website.

It becomes easy to track the behavior of your customers and optimize the site’s overall performance, as you get the complete reports concerning these facets.

Built-in Payment Processing
Analytics Dashboard
Shopping Cart / Inquiry  Form
Order Management
Product Sorting and Filtering
Tailored Product Pages
Email Newsletter Integration
Geo-location Support
Showcase – E-Commerce / B2B Inquiry

Holar Taiwan – Desktop & Mobile

B2B Inquiry Showcase – Home – Mobile
B2B Inquiry Showcase – Home – Mobile
B2B Inquiry Showcase – Products – Mobile
B2B Inquiry Showcase – Product Check Filters
B2B Inquiry Showcase – Blog
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Supporting you to inspire the world!

Photography / Blog / Portfolio Website

Be your own photos master! A specialized web service for pro photographer , press, and blogger. Enjoy a self-manageable photography website / blog by customized CMS panel which is friendly and functional.

We can make help you to migrate from web album (e.g.Flickr) and BSP (Blog Service Provider). We can also integrate them with your website to show the articles, photos with the best layout.

Friendly Media Manager
Portfolios, Albums & Galleries
Your Own Domain
Social Networks For Players & Fans
Display In Lightbox
Flickr, BSP Integration / Migration
Custom CMS Panel
Technical & Updates Support